We are Mereo

Through innovative methodologies of management and technology, we integrate business management processes with people management. In order to leverage the performance of our clients, increasing their results and transforming their organizations.

Consultancy and technology generating results

Consultancy and Technology generating results

Mereo understanding the main difficulties of organizations in the conversion of strategy into results identified and brought to the market a unique approach. The main characteristic is the fusion of technology with managerial expertise.

Mereo differentiates itself by providing a complete solution using a practical methodology, simple, focused on analytical methods and supported by the principles of meritocracy. Mereo management model plays a key role in implementing strategy, working, aligning and integrating the People Management with Business Performance.

Become by 2018 a company recognized for its excellence in solutions that create business value.

Develop integrated solutions that translate efforts into results adding value to organizations.

  • Ethics

    Our most basic value and foundation to all the others. For Mereo, being ethic is to act within the good living standards, it is to proceed well, without harm others. Comply all activities concerning us, following the principles established by society, clients and our teamwork.

  • Meritocracy

    For Mereo, meritocracy is our essence, our guiding. The same value is present in our way of thinking and act with our employees and associated. It is a selection method, in a broad sense, where those who delivery and exceed their goals are recognized and rewarded.

  • Inovation

    Mereo is always working to innovate and delivery a product that simplify the clients work. Innovation is not only a process; it is a philosophy, a way of looking at the world. Innovate is to do different, always seeking for the simplest, easier and efficient.

  • Excellence

    Always delivery a well-executed solution that solves issues in a surprising way. Be always attentive to details, seeking for a daily improvement including in small things.

  • Commitment

    Work hard, heart and soul, in delivering results. Overcome adversities, seeing beyond problems. Think, create and work tirelessly in order to perform deliveries with maximum excellence and satisfaction of those involved.


  • Áthila Machado - Co-founder of Mereo

    Áthila Machado

    Áthila Machado

    Commercial and Operations Director

    Responsible for business process and guiding the company's consulting team. He developed projects focused on: definition of strategies, value chain mapping, expense reduction, as well as Matrix Management revenue in Brazil and Spain.

  • Ivan Cruz - Co-founder of Mereo

    Ivan Cruz

    Ivan Cruz

    Innovation, Marketing and Business Development Director

    Executive with experience in business problem solving: (Analysis, Planning and Implementation) and focus on financial results improvement. Professional experience working globally in USA, Brazil, Germany and China.

  • Marconi Rocha - Co-founder of Mereo

    Marconi Rocha

    Marconi Rocha

    Managing Director

    Experience on the implementation of world-class programs directed to improve the company profitability and create a meritocratic environment. He led consulting projects in Brazil, Canada, USA, Belgium, Russia and Ukraine.

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" Every great project is resulting from the work of a dedicated team "

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