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Mereo understanding the main difficulties of organizations in the conversion of strategy into results identified and brought to the market a unique approach. The main characteristic is the fusion of technology with managerial expertise.

Mereo differentiates itself by providing a complete solution using a practical methodology, simple, focused on analytical methods and supported by the principles of meritocracy. Mereo management model plays a key role in implementing strategy, working, aligning and integrating the People Management with Business Performance.


  • Áthila Machado - Co-founder of Mereo

    Áthila Machado

    Áthila Machado

    Commercial and Operations Director

    Responsible for business process and guiding the company's consulting team. He developed projects focused on: definition of strategies, value chain mapping, expense reduction, as well as Matrix Management revenue in Brazil and Spain.

  • Ivan Cruz - Co-founder of Mereo

    Ivan Cruz

    Ivan Cruz

    Innovation, Marketing and Business Development Director

    Executive with experience in business problem solving: (Analysis, Planning and Implementation) and focus on financial results improvement. Professional experience working globally in USA, Brazil, Germany and China.

  • Marconi Rocha - Co-founder of Mereo

    Marconi Rocha

    Marconi Rocha

    Managing Director

    Experience on the implementation of world-class programs directed to improve the company profitability and create a meritocratic environment. He led consulting projects in Brazil, Canada, USA, Belgium, Russia and Ukraine.

Our Trajectory

  • 2012
  • May

    Mereo emerges, with the purpose of allying business management with people management and technology to boost corporate performance.

  • May

    Mereo emerges, with the purpose of allying business management with people management and technology to boost corporate performance.

  • June

    Mereo is established Rua Pernambuco 353/1208 Belo Horizonte.

  • August

    Launch of the Performance Module.

  • September

    First Consultancy Project in Brazil.

  • October

    First international consulting project in Germany.

  • December

    First customer to contract the Mereo platform (Performance Modules, Financial Analysis and Variable Remuneration). The platform's first contract exposes Mereo to users in 10 countries.

  • 2013
  • March

    First US consulting project

  • June

    Change of place to Av. do contorno, 6777 salas: 813 e 815 Belo Horizonte.

  • July

    First consulting project involving Latin American countries (Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil).

  • 2014
  • April

    Mereo expands international exposure of the Management Platform for 15 countries.

  • October

    Launch of the Talent Management Module.

  • 2015
  • March

    Partnership Signed between Mereo and HSM.

  • April

    Mereo extends international exposure of the Management Platform to 20 countries.

  • November

    Mereo is a finalist in the Inovativa Brasil program and is chosen as one of the 15 most qualified companies with great potential for the global market. (Mereo was selected as one of the six Brazilian finalists of Inovativa Brasil with the largest global potential in the UK in 2015.).

  • 2016
  • February

    Presentation of the Mereo (Integrated Management Platform) technology solution for government agencies, accelerators, companies and investors in the UK

  • 2017
  • May

    Institucional vídeo

  • May

    Opening of an office in São Paulo

  • June

    New place

  • 2018
  • January

    Change of venue in São Paulo to Rua Olimpíadas 205, at neighborhood Vila Olímpia.

  • March

    Mereo acquired Seeker Technology's People Assessment business unit, the Seeker Engage, reaffirming our strategy of linking people management to business management. We strengthen our management and technology know-how by providing a more complete solution.

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