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Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Friday December 19th, 2014.

When a company sets up a professional team, can not only stay in the “twisted” and wait for the good performance “fell from the sky.” Just as a technical football or volleyball, the organization also need to be integrated to team members and know the needs that every professional has to present a better delivery and have a real vision of the strengths and failed each person which is present day by day, to meet their labor activities.

To establish this proximity relationship with its employees and support the development of their talents, organizations use various tools. In the specific case of the LG place of people – one of the resources used is the Competency Assessment which was established for more than eight years, that is, adopts the concept known CHA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) – considered technical and behavioral skills necessary to each employee.

According Sanny Andrade, People and Management manager, the company adopted the Competence Management, understanding the importance of investing and improve internal talent, since they are moving the company. LG place of people – is a company engaged in technological solutions for People Management, has headquarters in Goiânia, state of Goiás, and has about 400 employees working in Brazil.

When asked about the main objective of the company to deploy this tool, the People and Management manager replied that the company aimed to develop employees. “When we identify in what career stage our talents are, we can make clear what is the way they need to go to grow the company. We believe that the Competency Assessment gives us basis to better know our talents. We therefore believe that this is the best methodology for companies able to achieve sustainable results through the work of its employees, “he argues. Note that the target audience of the Competency Assessment comprises all the company’s employees, its implementation takes place annually and the whole process is coordinated by the Management and People of the LG.

The Process – Sanny Andrade said that to implement the Competency Assessment process (AC), LG chose not to enter into partnerships. She argues that as the company already has the maturity to work the tool, the organization used its own product – the Gen.te grows Performance, which gave subsidies needed to develop the technical part of the Competency Assessment. In addition, the own HR, called People and Management, performs consulting work for the organization’s leaders.

When asked about the main “barriers” that the company found to deploy the Competency Assessment, Sanny Andrade indicates that when talking about performance, the biggest difficulty is to “sell” the idea for managers, after all they are an active part in this process and without the leaders you can not develop a project of this nature.

Sanny Andradre – People manager and Management of LG place of people

Another important point that the Personnel and Management manager makes sure to mention is that the implementation of a new Competency Assessment model is being formatted in the company. This, in turn, has been led by the President of LG and the HR department, with the support of Process and Project office, the area responsible for designing the project scope. “Another time, managers will be invited to update the CHA, according to the skills of each position and department. Later, we will create a committee composed of the leaders to validate the skills required by the company in general. The intention is that the end the evaluation we have behaviors that need to be improved and well defined, and the types of training that will meet this demand, “he adds.

Improving prospects – this new assessment tool that is being developed (within the Gen.te grows Performance solution), Sanny Andrade mentions that when the manager close the evaluation, the information will be available to it to create a plan of action, raising the points to be worked by each employee. Thus, employees will be informed about the training they will need to develop. This applies to both those provided by the company, and for the courses that he must seek to autodesenvolver. With this mapping will be possible for people to envisage other careers within the company. And if they are interested, they can start preparing even before the opportunity happen. That is, if a developer show interest in changing area and acquire the skills necessary for that office, when a vacancy is open, it will have greater adherence to function.

Feedback – The Personnel and Management manager points out that the feedback process has become critical to the Competency Assessment process. This is because if the employee can not hear who he works what are the points of improvement, it will not have room to grow. “The feedback works as a thermometer. As much as, at first, this impact is negative, people will at least reflect on the changes they will need to adopt. Then, the feedback process, however painful it may be, is a parameter for people to see what they need to develop. it is so important to prepare leaders to apply it, “he argues.

Leadership – Another relevant point for the Competency Assessment process to be successful is the massive action of leaders. And it can be easily proved, because HR can, for example, muni them with the tools, but if the leader does not buy the idea, the proposal will not “forward”. Given the importance of the participation of leaders in 2012, LG has created a so-called Leadership Academy program, which focuses on work skills of managers. “Under the program, leaders created the leadership model for LG place of people. Now, with this new tool, which we will do is to substantiate them to put this model into practice,” concludes Sanny Andrade, noting that the receptivity of professionals regarding the Competency Assessment has been very good, since employees see this tool a perspective of improvement and change.


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