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at Friday July 3rd, 2015.


Brazil Foods, BRF, is one of the largest food companies in the world. It has operations in approximately 50 countries and currently employs 110.000 collaborators.

The company believes that a good management has  made with good leaders, discipline, methodology and executions, supported by correct tools.

On April 2015, the company, looking for an appropriate management of targets software, found on Mereo-GR the ideal tool to make front of the dynamism requested by the company´s management.

The implantation had started on the same month, covering 4.000 collaborators, spread for the 5 continents, in different languages. With the involvement and support of the company´s Management, Mereo Consulting´s consulters’ team worked tirelessly to reach the implantation term on the shortest period possible. On this period, all the company´s collaborators has been invited to insert their own targets on the system, which wore validated right there by their hierarchical superiors (utilizing targets’ validation workflow available on the system). On the end of 30 days, millions of targets had already been registered and validated in the system, each one of them supported by many structural actions. Approximately 150 multipliers had been trained on this period.

Since June, the company begun the targets and plans follow-ups works of action directly on Mereo-GR, all made on a quite disciplined way, and as the same time, dynamic and practical, as a good management must be.

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