Client’s voice: Banco intermedium.

Posted by Mereo
at Friday August 7th, 2015.

“The implementation of a robust process of results management is not something you do from night to day. Great teams end up being mobilized and hundreds of spreadsheets saw work tool with everyday use. In addition, the understanding of spreadsheets is complex, which requires monitoring of new processes by managing teams, and not necessarily by managers who are actually who we would like to see the following indicators.

We managed to put Mereo Consulting to run a process results Management extremely agile, with a minimum of spreadsheets and involved much less running team than I am used to watch in action.

Also, having the management of results and Meritocracy model within the Mereo, integrated management platform has greatly facilitated the introduction of systematic monitoring results for our teams. Our managers are having an extremely short learning curve, which will facilitate culture change and achievement of results already in the short term. “

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