Being a consultant at Mereo: Matheus Santiago

Posted by Mereo
at Tuesday August 25th, 2015.


The management consultant is a professional who is able to help his or her clients to identify the roots of their problems and, more specifically, must be ready to seek simple, efficient and innovative solutions.

Being a consultant at Mereo means developing the ability to make decisions according to each client’s characteristics, targeting the best way to work on the implementation of our product. This happens because we also work with management solutions, which are the different modules on the Mereo GR platform.

Working here for about a year, I have had the opportunity to get involved in four projects for the implantation of our software and consulting. Each one with its own particularities, always having the opportunity to deal directly with large companies’ owners and first level managers, acting in Brazil and abroad.

Without a doubt, Mereo Consulting is a company that values and recognize its consultants’ competences, offering them new and big challenges. The more professional qualification you show, more relevance and autonomy you can receive and become a key player on the projects that you are involved, on contracts renovation and on negotiation procedures with new clients. This recognition shows that this meritocratic culture, with focus on results and performance, that we strive to implant within our clients’ organizations, is also a fundamental pillar inside our company, something that isn’t always visible on this market. I feel very proud to work here and I hope to continue my trajectory, growing together with Mereo.

Matheus Santiago

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