Depoimento: Felipe Lima – Consultor Mereo.

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at Thursday July 30th, 2015.

Felipe Lima2I always thought that a good internship is one that prepares you for real life, challenges you and gives you the opportunity to be recognized for your merits. It was following these and other beliefs that I ended up as an intern at Mereo Consulting, a company that values good job, efforts, competency, discipline and meritocracy.

While I was studying Food Engineering at the Viçosa Federal University, I listened to my colleagues tell their internship experiences, and most of them had something in common to me: the lack of challenges. I was never interested in those opportunities where the student’s participation in the work was for only one or two months. So little time does not allow that the good professional, who sometimes is hidden within the student that has never practiced the profession, grows and becomes essential to the company.

Shortly after two weeks, I received an invitation to travel and attend to one of the largest companies in the Brazilian food industry. Putting into practice what I have learned and what I believe in was remarkable. All the responsibility and new experiences already in the beginning seemed to come to tell that I am on the right path.

When a good opportunity encounters someone with a necessity to seize what life offers, companies are born, good deals are made, ideas arise and a good internship happens. This is what most consider good luck, but it is what I call planning and expediency. I am glad and grateful for the moment I am living within Mereo, for the preparation for the job market they are offering me as well as for the chance to conquer space within a company that has ethics, respect, resilience and love for what it does.

Felipe Lopes Lima

24 years old – Graduating in Food Engineering at UFV (Viçosa Federal University)

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