Mereo se fortalece no processo de globalização da marca no mercado internacional e passa a utilizar novo domínio :

Posted by Mereo
at Saturday October 17th, 2015.

Company situated in Belo Horizonte, MG, performs on more than 20 countries and expands even more its perform on international market management, increasing new business opportunities.

Mereo has already rose having in its DNA a global vision on its business. In a little over 3 years on market and acting on more than 20 countries, Mereo expands even more the name of its trademark. With management performance platform for human resources and business, Mereo´s software, with   consultancy on developing projects for companies in Brazil and outside as well, reaches a higher level on internationalization process, becoming

With the vision of consecrate as reference in strategical management integrated solutions and global range, Mereo gives an important step in the search of your international expansion in huge potential  growth markets, and will strengthen even more your trademark on various countries, after firming your new domain

In conjunction with this novelty, the company also releases  your new website soon, all redesigned and allied to the cutting-edge technology and innovation, suiting to this new international level the company has been firming. The new website will bring your identity on a clear and direct way, vision, expertise and cases, of which will be possible understand why we are differentiated.

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Phone number: +55 (31) 3582 – 4268

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