Fatores que influenciam a motivação

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at Monday May 18th, 2015.

Human beings have two choices in life: to stay put where they are, not growing or to strive to achieve their most desired professional and personal goals.

For some, this is called ‘free-will’ while for others it means ‘rolling their sleeves up and racing against time’. It doesn’t matter the denomination this driving force receives, motivation is something that feeds from within an individual, and it’s up to each one to live up to their role.

On one hand, it’s worth remembering that in the organizationanl field, companies also have an important role in collaborating to motivate the professionals who get up every day to make these same companies achieve their goals and obtain expressive results for their businesses.

What’s really in question is not how much to invest, but which actions actually make individuals feel like they’re part of the corporate reality and not only mere spectators or a number in some list.

Human beings are motivated by nature. In the very beginning, survival depends on their winning a ‘gene race’ which is equivalent to 50 times the planet’s population, that is, 300 billion genes, where only one survives. People are born and raised in a global and competitive environment where some are more successful than others. This is the competition in life.

In a corporative environment, what defines the result is the junction of two parts that cooperate with each other: the employer creating mechanisms that stimulate people and the employees striving to improve their skills, searching for knowledge constantly. It’s on this basis that a successful career in the job market is built.

Knowledge destroys uncertainties and motivation builds results. The question to be asked is “How to ignite motivation?”. The leader ought to know how to work with people in two different ways. In the first place, he or she should realize they will be leading people who are distinguished in essence, profile and reaction.

What should they do in order to guide the team in harmony? Accept everyone’s idiosyncrasies while trying to bring them to reach their full potential. Secondly, they should acknowlegde what most of the leaderships worldwide do, which is, understanding that the path to achieve goals and objectives lies through a motivated team.

An enterprise cannot be built on 100% excellence with a team who is 50% committed to targets, quality or challenges.

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