Forecasting: a special management tool for you and your business.

Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Wednesday September 17th, 2014.

Forecasting is one of the most important tools when the organization decides to follow the lean philosophy (Lean). Basically the philosophy teaches that waste must be disposed of and that the understanding of the real needs, what will happen is critical.

For this to occur the practice of Forecasting or previsibildiade becomes mandatory, for only then can get an idea of what will happen. With the maturing of the process, must work its accuracy.

Lean thinking with the Mereo Consulting introduces two series of Forecast in substantially all of its modules:

1) Each manager can make the prediction target the goal of the final result expected.

2) You can consider the impact of their actions and where impacts occur in the result.

3) Evaluate line by line in the financial statements which effort required to achieve a result or have rough estimates.

In short, the manager comes out of a situation of being “looking in the mirror,” see only what happened, but also happens to look ahead and see what should be done to achieve the result. How would a CFO client Mereo: “I want my managers indicate through the forecast tool the impact on the result of their actions, for the company’s vital goals.”

In times of crisis or uncertainty, where the scenery change dramatically in a short time, targets or budgets become a non-feasible reference, have the forecasting functionality is vital. This is where having a more adherent forecasting the reality is instrumental in managing the company’s results.

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