The challenge of transforming a local company Global.

Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Monday May 13th, 2013.

Over the past 10 years, I worked with Brazilian companies that internationalized – coincidentally, all through acquisitions – in the implementation of management models and meritocratic. A purchase so there is always a great first impact, which is challenging organizational restructuring. Activities and duplicate positions are eliminated; systems and sectors are merged. In short, apply the synergy of concepts where it exists, for Globalization.

After a merger and the consequent restructuring or adapt to the new organization, comes the next challenge: make the company a unique organization, with the same values, vision, mission, brands and strategies, ie its Globalization.

In this process of rupture with the past and readjustment to new models, following restructuring, many employees do not conform to the principles of the company that emerges, and therefore turn off, in a natural process. On the other hand, a good number of employees sees growth opportunity and recognition for their dedication and achievements.

img_acercaprotekÉ then that the meritocracy system must be started. The meritocratic model basically consists in rewarding those who contribute to the generation of the company’s value. Reward the best clear and assertive way, returning the employee to overcome the expected results. The implementation of this system is not easy. It is even more complex when the company is global, as there are different regulations between nations and cultural issues involved. However, if well implemented, is one of the main forms of motivation and global alignment.

The good deed meritocratic not limited only to the financial performance pay. It is also a fundamental tool for the mapping of talent and succession planning. That is, having the right employee in the right job.

Next to the meritocratic process is the implementation of a robust management system that can align the entire organization in the same direction. The management system should be the universal language of business, regardless of nationality. Cultural differences should be taken into consideration, but the management culture should be to the company and not the people.

Another important factor in the globalization process is leadership, which should translate to know, clearly, the overall strategy at all hierarchical levels. Should lead by example, so that the implementation at the tip to be effective, taking into account local characteristics, without forgetting the strategy and global intelligence.

The company goes global when everyone in the organization understand and believe in the vision and strategies defined by practicing management system in all its fullness.


Author: Ivan Cruz Junior

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3 thoughts on “The challenge of transforming a local company Global”

  1. Ivan Nascimento says:

    Ótimo artigo, o processo meritocrático sem dúvida é uma etapa importantíssima para a empresa que se diz global ou deseja encontrar os melhores colaboradores para as posições estratégicas.

  2. Parabéns Ivan !

    Artigo simples e direto !

    Mas a meritocracia não é necessária para as empresas que atuam somente localmente ?

    Na sua experiência, a meritocracia foi um tema que teve mais relevância quando a empresa se tornava global ?

    1. Ivan Cruz Junior says:

      Olá Alexandre,

      Primeiramente obrigado pelas palavras.

      A meritocracia é fundamental para aquelas empresas que querem premiar os melhores funcionários, aqueles que adicionam valor às organizações. Com a meritocracia vem o sentimento de dono. Todo funcionário percebe que ao ter alto desempenho e dar resultado ele automaticamente será recompensado. Essa abordagem independe se a empresa é local ou global.
      Porém em um momento de mudança, que seria uma pós-integração de empresas, esse modelo é ainda mais importante e fundamental para motivar as pessoas.
      É normal que após uma reestruturação, os funcionários pensem que seu empenho e trabalho não tenham valor aos olhos dos novos comandantes. Nesse momento um modelo bem estruturado de meritocracia reverte essa situação. Este modelo motiva as pessoas contribuindo para uma maior unicidade em torno na nova corporação.

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