Word from the Consultant – Maiara Muzzi.

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at Tuesday May 24th, 2016.

At this month’s “Word from the Consultant” we talked with Maiara Muzzi, who tells us some of her experience and also about the main challenges that consultants face early in their careers, check it out:

To be part of Mereo’s team was certainly one of the biggest changes in my life. In addition to providing me a rich experience, the company has promoted a fantastic personal development to me, I have been developing management knowledge, skills, strategies and relationships with other consultants and partners.

Some companies are afraid to allow their new consultants to have direct contact with the senior management of organizations which they provide consultancy services. This also happens when they have to make their own decisions, which somehow I understand, it is really a challenge for someone who still has much to learn be part of that reality.


Mereo has fascinated me from the start because it showed different form other companies. It showed me that challenges will always appear and we must take responsibility as well as wisdom and strength to implement them. And from the beginning, stood beside me guiding and supporting my decisions on new situations lived. I learned to go after what needed, had contact with managers and directors of a multinational company and opened a communication channel with them, which was fundamental for the development of projects and for my own growth.

I am part of Mereo’s team for a year and a half, working in consultancy projects in different areas such as productivity, quality and processes. Each project has its own peculiarities and challenges.

I have learned that as consultants we must know our clients to create an effective communication channel with them. We work to deliver results for clients and all actions carried out within the company must be well targeted to this end. I’ve always been enticed to make critical analyzes of the projects implemented and the results achieved.

I have sought to know well the reality, to overcome obstacles and to contribute to the achievement of results. Each achievement brings me a joy and immense pride.

I feel that Mereo has placed in me great confidence from the start and during the projects. This vote of confidence that was given me to make decisions has made me grow and learn more and more.

I appreciate the opportunities I have had and still have in Meo, a company from the beginning valued me, trusted me and invested in my ability and in my development.

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One thought on “Word from the Consultant – Maiara Muzzi”

  1. Maria do Socorro says:

    É o que falta na maioria das empresas, confiar nos jovens e dá-los uma oportunidade. Seja feliz, parabéns…

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