Launch of John Lima’s Book: Management and Outcomes of Culture (free translation).

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at Thursday September 17th, 2015.


The author presents a management model and a results culture under a new optic prioritizing the success of the company aligning to the realizations of its employees.

Joao Aparecido De LimaOn the book, João Lima defends culture as a transformation factor and generations of results inside a company, which the “employees” must be seen as the main subject responsible for those actions.

As a proposal of sharing gained knowledge acquired during 40 years of professional experience forward the vice-President of the company Gerdau, and as Global Director of Magnesita Refratários. The expert in Human Resources and Organizational Development, João de Lima launches in September, his book “Management and Results Culture”.

On the book, Lima approaches, in an innovated way, the necessary paths for the building of the so dreamed results culture, basis for success and growth of companies and consequent recognition for the people who work for them.

Defined as main elements of the Results Culture: Business Strategy, Management System, and Employees Management. Giving a new dimension, the author presents the Fractal Model of Management®, the success reason of company winners in theirs turnarounds process and organizational transformation.

With this model those elements preformed as independent vectors, in an integrated and harmonic way, to obtain development and involvement of employees. So necessary to preform defined results by goals and targets, guaranteeing recognition to employees and success for the company.

Returning to the relevance of the employees as protagonists to obtain results, a new pact is proposed between those actors. Through a reinvention of the relationship between company and employees, transforming them in copartners seeking for targets and sharing results gains. This purpose seems so essential in bonanza moments and in storm hours, just like nowadays.

With the help of the journalist Suzana Naiditch, the specialist realized interviews with Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter and André Bier Gerdau Johannpeter – Chairmand and CEO of Gerdau; respectively, Fersen Lamas Lambranho – Chairman of GP Investiments; Ronaldo Labrudi – actual president of the group Sugar Hills and Otto Levy; Vice President of Magnesita Refratários.

The author handle topics which are customarily discussed, in a new optic, using a “Fractal Triangle” to represent the purposed model didactically.

In this format, Lima synthesize information acquired during a long period of learning, integrating in one single illustration all the elements used successfully by Gerdau, GP Investiments, and by emblematic companies, inclusive in fusion and acquisitions moments.

Also called as Transform Triangle by Lima, he translates the essence of the model of management and leadership to build the Results Culture.

To structure the work content, Lima worked with concepts and the businessmen interviewed commented about each one of them. The work is full if those comments. It is a format also innovator which does not require a sequenced reading, to understand the work completely. It allows the reader to explore it by parts starting on the desired topic.

The book – The idea for this book Management and Results Culture arose after a meeting in an airport hall. Lima was waiting for a call flight destiny Easter Island – Chile, when he met his old colleague, Jorge Gerdau. In the occasion, Gerdau emphasized the importance of a specialist pass by they legacy through speeches or books.

“Jorge said something that I always kept thinking about, the biggest meaning of life is to contribute to a transformation of other people” remind.

Coincidence or not, the “Fractal Triangle” represents the model of management defended by Lima, it has the same format of the Easter Island.


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