Mereo consulting at CONARH.

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at Thursday August 28th, 2014.

The Mereo Consulting, the management consulting and software development company, participated as an exhibitor for the second time in Congress on People Management – CONARH 2014 – and once again, the result exceeded all expectations, the networking and the exchange of knowledge were better than expected.

This was the 40th edition of the event and only at the booth of Mereo were numerous daily visits from companies including executives from various segments. The visitors were unimpressed by the solutions offered by MEREOGR a Indicators tracking software, which is the right tool to monitor results.

The Mereo can display all your products and particularity of each to meet the specific needs of each company:

Planning and Deployment Goals: Specific Module to assist in the

driving the unfolding process of goals and actions arising Strategic Planning of the company. Workflow approval and cancellation of direct actions in the system.

Monitoring: Results Tracking System. Aid in the control targets in all levels of the company, generating graphs monitoring and indicators, actions and goals, dashboard and knowledge management.

Problem Analysis: problems research tool. Aid, dynamic and intuitive way, the stratification of the problem and find its root cause.

Financial Analysis: Link of financial indicators of the company with the operational indicators, allowing a quick view of the impacts of unreached goals. Through various simulators, allows visualization of the impacts that could occur in different scenarios of achieving goals.

Mereo VR: It very practical and effective all the work of calculating the variable compensation program. Makes the whole agile and transparent process to the officials involved.

Quick-Meeting: Control quick actions. Need support in the treatment of style actions “see and act”, where speed and dynamism of the facts determine success in the short term.

Today, the Mereo is in 14 countries, translated into 8 languages system and operates in at least 10 distinct segments, the company has wide vision of growth and will continue to participate in fairs like Conarh addition to conducting workshops and Road Show in some regions of Brazil with invitation to all visitors of the stand so that the potential outcomes and gains from the application of solutions are widely understood.

Marconi Alvarenga and Ivan Cruz

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