Mereo Consulting launches its new website

Posted by Mereo
at Friday November 7th, 2014.

Mereo Consulting launches its new website

Always combining technology and innovation, the Mereo Consulting conducts another breakthrough and launches its new site. In addition to a modern and dynamic design, the new portal displays clearly all our solutions in Management and Advisory software, enabling direct and diverse contact with our customers and visitors.

The new site will be filled with relevant content on Meritocracy, management and strategic planning, Articles and News section, and submit interativadade tools with the leading social networks, for better disclosure of interest category information.

Aiming transparency and quality of our services, the site also will include the participation of about our consulting projects in Management.

The main objective of remodernização the new site was to make it more attractive with better navigation and easier access to information, also prioritizing the production of quality content. Was developed in order to give greater focus to the mission and vision of Mereo and enhance our differential products and services, creating new opportunities for interaction and business.

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