Missão, Visão e Valores: porque definir estes fundamentos é tão importante

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at Friday March 6th, 2015.

During the preparation of a business plan or even in the review of its strategic plan, all companies must have well-defined three important reasons, they are: the Mission, Vision and Values.

The mission is the raison d’être of a company, the purpose for which they work and strive their partners and collaborators. The mission is to be the company’s identity card should state your business, be concise and objective. The mission should answer the most basic question that an organization can be proposed: to exist? Although this is a distant issue from day to day, it is what gives meaning to daily actions

See some examples of mission:

Transport company: Providing transport services on time and ensuring the maintenance of the integrity of the cargo.

Medical clinic: Prevention, rehabilitation, promote health and prolong life with technical quality, dedication and care.

Bank: Ensuring excellence in the delivery of financial products and services, maximizing value for customers and shareholders.

Steel Industry: Creating value for our customers, shareholders, staff and society, working in the steel industry in a sustainable way.


Having a vision is simply want to get somewhere. Every business somehow have a vision for your company, the problem is that usually do not stop to think and write where really would like to get and analyze it where they are now is where they dreamed to be in the past.

The vision of an organization seeks to answer where the organization wants to go and what you want to be in the future. Your vision should be and contain everyone’s dream. Preferably should be built with the participation of employees, seeking to express a dream also desirable for them. This dream should be inspiring, achievable, goal, have a noticeable and with a term to happen dimension.

Some examples of vision:

Transport company: To be the most agile carrier distribution the southern loads by 2016.

Software factory: be one of the 10 largest state of the software companies in number of customers and revenues by 2015.

Bank: Being Brazil’s best financial group in creating value for customers, shareholders and employees by 2015.

Importantly, in these examples, they all have one or more goals, a timeframe and an indicator to measure this objective. In this way, the company can and should measure each year if your goals have been or are close to be achieved through concrete indicators.


Values are the principles governing the actions and decisions of a company. We must distinguish between values and beliefs. A belief is something I believe to be right, fair or good. A value, in turn, is a belief that we act.

The definition of values must be done in conjunction with employees, by default, should be set between 5:06 and after defined values should be followed and charged as commandments. It is important that everyone follow to the letter the company values making them their own identity, causing the organization to be recognized for their values and their actions.

To be followed, the values must meet the following criteria:

– Be clear and objective, allowing the understanding of all

– Be public for the entire organization, customers and society

– Required, all members and employees must follow to the letter

See some examples of values

Customer satisfaction

He is the reason for the existence of any business.

Appreciation and respect for people

People are the major difference that makes it all possible.

Act as part of the company

Together our brand is much stronger.

social responsibility

It is the only way to grow in a more just society.

Respect for the Environment

That’s what gives us the prospect of tomorrow.

The definition of the Mission, Vision and Values Company defines the purpose and the identity of the organization. These fundamentals should always be remembered for his managers and employees, as well as frequent assessments should be made as to whether the company is on track which was defined in these fundamentals.

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