A new management model: Case study from PL&C’s attorneys office.

Posted by Matheus Santiago
at Friday August 19th, 2016.

To implement a management cultura from scratch in any source of organization is always a great challenge.

In October 2014, Mereo’s consultant team started to work in Portela, Lima e Colen Lawyers, with operations throughout Brazil and offices in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Manaus and Fortaleza. The project aimed to implement a new management model.


The partners, Humberto Portela, Júlio Lima (seated),Igor Lobato and Milton Colen (standing)

The project

The consultants Pablo Serafin and Matheus Santiago, under the coordination of Mereo’s partner Marconi Alvarenga, developed along with the company the basis for a model of management grounded in meritocracy, which included:

  • Budget review of office’s revenue and expenses
  • Training in the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) management method
  • Creation of a new model of variable compensation
  • Establishment of clear goals for lawyers
  • Development of a whole systematics of results meetings and also support the action plans elaboration.

n addition, the Mereo Platform was implemented in its modules Performance and Variable Remuneration, which greatly simplified the work on this new culture of management.

PDCA as a strategy for your life and career.

Partnership of results

Today, employees now have a greater understanding of the role of each to the company’s evolution. The coordinators are aligned to the objectives of the partners. All lawyers are aware of their goals and are more capable regarding the problem solving method.

In order to achieve an even higher level of management maturity, PL&C Lawyers renewed in September 2015 its partnership with Mereo with the aim of enhance its culture of results and meritocracy. New analyzes were performed, as well as the continuity of the previous work, also, new processes restructuring opportunities were identified, such as review of operational targets and identification / development of talents in the company.

Given the expectations of PL & C Advogados, the sequency of this project already shows results, such as better management of financial processes, monitoring cash flow, greater efficiency in determining net income.


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