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Have you ever heard about the expression “One-stop Shop” and wondered what it means?

The term originated at the first half of the twentieth century, and refers to the convenience stores that are very common in the north american gas stations.

These shops are still quite popular in US, for offering at “just one stop” a little bit of everything that most people need, such as headache pills or sugar, without having to go out looking for them for the whole city.

Today the term describes a business model that offers the possibility to have several needs attended  through a combination of different services and possibilities. It extends from business and softwares to shopping websites that offers whatever people need at just one place.

Just like other terms such as bootstrapping and break even, this slang becomes strengthened by having its sense adapted to the world of tech companies.


Old One-stop Shop

This framework, in the business world, facilitates the management of processes since it provides the necessary tools for the client or user achieve their goals with simplicity and time saving.

An example of One-stop Shop organization would be a bank that offers financial and loan services, but also offers additional possibilities to its shareholders such as investment options, automotive insurance and private pension plans.

One-Stop Shop Softwares

The human factor replaced the capital as the main organizational resource, however, to have an efficient workforce alone does not guarantee success nor competitiveness. The challenge to stablish a modern and sustainable management relies mainly at the combination of people management and proper technology.

Thus, to control their processes and flows, companies often end up using spreadsheets without any control mechanism, or hiring specialized softwares that do not communicate among themselves – this generates as well as rework the loss of essential business information.


Communication is a vital asset in promoting organizational performance

In order to: promote time savings, boost communication between segments and expand management based on analytics, Mereo has developed its platform under the concept of One-stop Shop.  It was designed to act where most organizations fail – in implementing their strategy.

Here are 7 benefits of Mereo’s Integrated Management Platform:

  • Security: Centralization of critical information and targeted access
  • Simplification: Simplified analysis of data sustains the decision-making process 
  • Clear communicarion: Simplified communication through workflows 
  • Single setup: Parameters and indicators useful to more than one purpose 
  • Legal security: Increased legal certainty with the possibility of end-to-end audit 
  • Cost saving: Control operating costs with pre-defined processes
  • Continuous feedback: Allows the evaluation of strategy in real time

Integrated platform

In the era of efficient management it is important to give the managers the necessary mechanisms to manage what companies have more important – their talents and thus boost performance. And this is done throught the investment in training and in efficient management technologies.

Organized in modules, Mereo’s Platform provides the necessary interface to integrate people and processes management. Brazilian companies such as Fortlev, Tenco Group Brennand use Mereo to be more efficient and boost their results.

If you liked this article and want to know how we can help your business send us a message, and talk to one of our management experts.

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