When the outcome depends on Superheroes and not people

Posted by Athila Machado
at Friday October 6th, 2017.

Much has been said regarding variable remuneration, remuneration for skills, functional compensation, amongst other programs that put people as a key player in the construction of the results of organizations. What has happened lately and completely wrongly is to establish a program that sets challenging targets for people and in return, the companies do not offer resources for such goals to be achieved.


The point is that this type of program in enterprises creates the so-called “super-heroes” who are skilled people working in weak processes, these superheroes generally do not hold it for better than can the results planned by a lack of resources for work. The maximum within organizations to do more with less often lead managers to make fast but without lasting results actions. This way of doing “management” that many companies are adopting creates a climate of exhaustion in people who are always busy and the feeling that they will never succeed their activities by working more.

All of this does not spend management errors, or poor planning when defining the objectives and the resources to implement them.

But what to do so that companies do not enter this stir?

We know it is not easy because of the sense of urgency of the companies in the search for quick results, but the question of the problem is all in the planning stage, there is no other way you need to plan well and good planning analysis step must be performed in detail, detailing problems at lower levels in order to locate and define where to act if the contrary we will continue watching the follow-up meetings of red results targets and explained every month with the statement that the goal was poorly established and that there are no resources (budget) to carry out the actions.

Taking good planning as a rule companies can eliminate the management errors and thus set goals together with feasible managers of execution, hence the breakdown of goals becomes effective, as there is an alignment between the established challenge and the ability to achieve it. The benefits of good planning reflect the morale of the people who work motivated and improving corporate results finally wins the people who are rewarded for the work and the company improve its results.

This article was written by Athila Machado – Co-founder and Business and Operations Director at Mereo

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3 thoughts on “When the outcome depends on Superheroes and not people”

  1. Davi Gontijo says:

    Excelente artigo. Relamente quando a empresa depende de super-herois o resultado não permanece com a saída dos mesmos.

  2. Maria Gomes says:

    Gostei da abordagem do artigo. A falta de recursos oferecido pelas organizações muitas vezes compromete o resultado e fadiga as pessoas.

    1. Maria Gomes says:

      Realmente Maria Gomes, a construção dos resultados dependem de uma série de fatores que só tem efetividade se efetivamente forem combinados.

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