Lemann Foundation and Mereo form a partnership for management improvement.

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at Wednesday July 13th, 2016.

To guarantee quality education for all Brazilian children and to create a network of leaders – This is the mission of the Lemann Foundation, founded in 2002 by businessman Jorge Paulo Lemann and also one of the reasons which made Mereo one of its partners in 2015.

In the same year more than 11 million Brazilians were benefited by educational solutions promoted by the Lemann Foundation – an amount nearly four times higher than in the previous year.

The strategic management of Third Sector Organizations have become more and more complex. With limited resources and with increasing proximity to the business world, these institutions are having to seek simplified and more efficient ways to structure their management models.


Jorge Paulo Lemann

Knowing this, Mereo “came on field” in 2015 in order to support the results management of  Lemann Foundation and to provide the necessary infrastructure to develop the performance of its employees. With users in more than 20 countries and customers as BRF and Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Mereo is also building a history of success with Third Sector organizations.

Institutions such as “Aldeia da Fraternidade” and the Ling Institute utilize the Mereo’s Integrated Management Platform  to ensure the implementation of its strategies and transform the reality of young Brazilian children through social programs. This shows that each time more, technologies derived from private sector are being used successfully in the NGO world.

Furthermore, aproximatelly 60 employees of the Lemann Foundation accompany their results and action plans through the platform. Performance indicators such as: Financial Analysis (budget management) and Talent Management (assessment of employees skills) are managed by the same interface.

Beyond that, the competences evaluation process is evolving each semester with Mereo’s technology support, it also has supported the professional development of the team.

Check out a chat with Felipe Proto – People’s Manager of the Lemann Foundation. Here we talked about the projects, results and perspectives of this significant partnership:

How do you evaluate the impact of the programns developed by Lemann Foundation in the Brazilian society?

We believe in a country where everyone has the opportunity to expand their potential to make choices and create a positive impact on the world. For this, our work is carried out in collaboration with people and institutions in high-impact initiatives to ensure learning for all students and the formation of a network of leaders that are focused in solving the social problems of the country, leading Brazil to a developmental leap with equity.

The Lemann Foundation collaborates with educational key policies for the future of the country. What are the most outstanding policies conducted in recent years?

A great recent success case is the fact that approximately 12 million Brazilian students learnt for free using solutions supported by the Lemann Foundation. We can also highlight the Brazilian leaders who participated in the Lemann Foundation programs, which have generated significant impact in areas such as management, education and health.

How is the relationship between the Lemann the Foundation and the private sector?

Felipe Proto

Felipe Proto

We learn from the diversity of opinions and seek the best solutions for our purpose, wherever they are. Thus, we believe that the private sector can generate many contributions to the improvement of our country and projects.

As an example, we currently have different partners (in the technology, media and education sectors) that contribute to the construction and dissemination of the projects as a whole, adding knowledge and credibility to the work.

One of the challenges of NGOs is to be self sustainable. What is the role of management excellence in this process?

A good resource management is critical in any organization. To exercise a robust management of these resources a key factor is to ensure that results are achieved with greater efficiency and intelligence. As examples of what we do, we highlight the construction of lean budgets and close monitoring of expenditures.

In order to provide the ideal background for the development of social policies, which is the importance of technology at the management process?

Technology is a fantastic way of broadly disseminating quality content for many people with low cost. For the Lemann Foundation, technology is also very important to the achievement of our goals and to our processes optimization.

How do you evaluate the partnership with Mereo in the management process of the Lemann Foundation?

Since January we are operating this partnership, which has a very important role in the management of our results and people. Conduct the evaluation process 360 employee and feedbacks with Mereo was very interesting and, in addition to facilitating the process, brought us important learnings. Now we began to use the Results Management module, and during the month of April our management cycle has been conducted at the Mereo’s platform. We are excited about the work and the potential that this can bring to us.

Alguns programas educacionais desenvolvidos pela Fundação Lemann

Some educational programs developed by Lemann Foundation

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges of NGOs in Brazil? Does the Lemann Foundation faces these same issues?

Perhaps the great challenges of the third sector are related to attracting talent, fundraising and to management structuring. We made significant progress on these fronts in recent years and I believe that now our biggest challenges are related to maintain the quality of the work on a large scale and to coordinate efforts with industry players.

The Lemann Foundation as a service provider for the society relies heavily on people’s dedication to projects. How is talent management conducted?

A key point in this regard is to attract exceptional people to the team. And when we talk about exceptional people, we are saying that they are very talented people and  have highly skilled deliveries , and they also identify with the cause and the profile of the organization. This match is crucial!

Furthermore, we believe that something very important is to keep people constantly challenged, as this contributes to their self development and the organization’s. Finally, having a performance evaluation system is essential to establish a model where great results are concluded.

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