Mereo stabilishes a partnership with University of Lavras.

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at Tuesday September 29th, 2015.

Usability is the fundamental factor in development of information systems, to allow the users to play their tasks efficiently with satisfaction. 

The integration between researches and assignments in universities with companies is fundamental to collaborate with the generation of innovation, obtaining effective impact at the transition of technology and knowledge.

Beyond obtained advantages by companies with technology transition and knowledge, the universities are benefited in an extremely positive way, with opportunities to offer practical experiences shaping students with a performance in practical problems.

In this sense, Mereo along with the Federal University of Lavras established in 2014 a partnership to develop technologies in usability and user experience area.

Mereo, company located in Belo Horizonte, actuating in more than 20 countries, developed a manager platform totally integrated which covers process in the development of business and employees. By the strategy of turns the software a reference in worldwide class, Mereo purposes this cooperation to UFLA specialists, where both institutions wins. Since then this cooperation is reaching excellent results.

The developed projects within cooperation, are in the context of all Mereo’s platform which is already developed, and also on functionality and modules that still in prototyping phase.

In each semester a student, of computing area of UFLA, is selected to actuate on those projects. They have collaborate with an evaluation of usability, and interaction design to identify possible points where improvements can be done. Such as improvements on usability, navigability, and identification necessities of users interactions into the platform.

The projects have been developed in the ALCANCE context – Research Center in Accessibility, Usability, and Assistive Technology; under orientation of the professor Dr. Adré Pimenta Freire.

The abilities to exert the analysis of system usability is a fundamental ability to attend courses in the computing area at UFLA. In this context, the practical application of this knowledge in organizations has a rich potential to shape students professionally.

The development of those projects have shown an excellent opportunity to the establishment of close links with UFLA as a company of international range, just like Mereo. With deep opportunities of future partnerships in another projects, just as well opportunities to offer internships and recruitment of students with future employability.

The first results of the cooperation already started to bring good rewards. In a Course Conclusion Paper, the student Henrique Fiorini Rodrigues held an evaluation of usability on the planning module of the Mereo manager system, used for uncountable international companies, and in Brazil. With the results, it was possible to elaborate many proposals that contributed to improvements in aspects of the system. It also had a significant impact for consulting and others organizations that also uses the system.

Henrique Fiorini“I had the opportunity to work in such area that I could apply and validate in a real cooperative environment, acquired knowledge at Federal University of Lavras. This partnership with Mereo was an essential part at this stage enabling the application of academic knowledge out of the laboratory scenery, and also allowing me to improve my skills by advantage program techniques, center design, users, and usability evaluation. Consequently we are impacting positively at all our clients providing dynamism in their activities and increasing results by the application of their strategies”. Report Henrique Fiorini, which nowadays integrate the Mereo team as Analyst of UX/UI.

The good experiences as the first stage of the project motivate the continuity of the partnership in a second stage, in another Course Conclusion Paper, wrote by the student Guilherme Fernando Ponce dos Santos, of the course Bachelor in Computing Science. With the work in process, Guilherme has used techniques of Center Design to identify necessities of user integration, design evaluation, and system usability.

Guilherme Fernando Ponce dos Santos“To realize this project thought Federal University of Lavras together with Mereo, is being an incredible experience. To concretize a project in partnership with a company that act in an international business level, is motivating me to learn more about the area I want to follow.”  Report Ponce.

By this partnership, Mereo consolidates the motivation of stays always updated in the new technologies, continuous working to improve the Mereo platform. Providing to all clients, a software with dynamic usability. One of the most completes of the market in corporate manager through Meritocracy.



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