PDCA as a strategy for your life and career..

Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Tuesday January 13th, 2015.

The PDCA is an acronym created by W. Edwards Deming, who is called by many authors as the father of modern quality control. PDCA comes from the words of English: P-Plan; D-DO; C-Check; and A-Act. Nothing more, nothing less than Plan, Do or Run, Check and Act. Think about your lifestyle and goals it is necessary, as well as learn how to plan, organize and implement the PDCA on a daily basis. But using this method on my journey?

It sounds simple, but many companies and people never stop to think or to practice this as efficient tool. Let us pause a moment to reflect on the ways and objectives that we have laid out for our lives. Often we follow the commandments of the great music Zeca Pagodinho “Let life take me, life takes me.” But this is not the best solution.

To reduce the uncertainty, we can plan, ie put on paper short of goals (1-2 years), medium (3-5 years) and long term (over 5 years). What are you getting? What specializations you want to do? What are your family and professional goals? View the desired future will help us take the first step to success.

Do. No use plan, but let shelved projects. You must walk to the objectives. At this stage, it is essential to persist, overcome obstacles, learn from mistakes and successes, listen to the people we love and overcome negative thoughts.

Check Up. Periodically we should review the planning and what is running, making sure that we are not running away from the focus. In the Bible has a verse that expresses very well this step is in Lamentations 3:21 – “I want to bring to mind that can give me hope.” Review is again bring hope our dreams and think of possible settings.

Finally the Act. At this stage, we have to check for errors and failed projects. Creating new goals with the experiences learned and seized. Questions should be asked such as: What are the lessons we have so far? Which projects are really needed? What goals should be modified? I suggest that this step is annual (What about in the new year? Making a checklist of what went right and wrong).

Therefore, we can consider the PDCA as an infinite loop. We achieve goals, think of others. Plan, Do, Check and Act are verbs that encourage us to improve the quality and performance of our dreams. How about you start using them.

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