The 5 motivation pillars in companies.

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at Thursday September 10th, 2015.

Motivation is a desire for everyone. An executive expect its employees to work motivated and engaged, bearing in mind that seems unquestionable the positive impact of these characteristics on the corporate results.

On the other hand, the employee also wants to wake up in the morning feeling brave to go to work, instead of dragging out of the bed with the grief of those going for a daily martyrdom.

Many companies have developed actions to achieve the group motivation. Amongst them, we can list recreational area installation to employees, strong remuneration system sometimes quite aggressive, and still, companies that venture into complex career plans. Does it work? Depends.

The motivation is stimulate by a set of factors. The aforementioned actions, just work when inserted in a corporative context and it is a part of an initiative package.

By the way, to elaborate this motivational plan five essentials factors are recommended:

1 – Interpersonal relationship and m­­ood

Among the natural necessities of the human being, one of the primitive ones is to be a part of a “tribe”, in other words, it is to feel yourself a part of a work team inside the corporate environmental where reigns integration, cooperation, and focus in one collective goal. Another imperative need is respect. Even though it seems obvious, respect is not always a corporative practice, because competitiveness between staff and professional insecurity make many people act in a questionable ethical way, which causes an awkward work environment.


2 – Remuneration System

Some schools believes that motivation is totally related to remuneration.

Within this framework of thought, as higher as the salary is, higher would be the engagement. In practice, what we see is that salary tends to provide stability, but not motivation.


The remuneration system must be equilibrated, containing proportional salaries in the level of responsibility of each company function, and subsides must be proportional to the obtained results in that specific period, so meritocracy.


As for the benefits, the best system is the one aligned to the company profile. It does little works to implement an extended maternity licence to a new company where 80% of the employees are men; or even provide a strong meal allowance if the company location is in an industrial area with no options to external power supply. Is also important to mention that awards due results must be carefully exanimated.


For instance, a woman who loves ballet cannot appreciate a ticket for a final football tournament; or even a cruise along coast in a period where the person cannot go because they partner is working or their kids are studying.


3 – Infrastructure

There is no motivation that resists to a peeling wall; cockroaches in the bathroom or a crooked chair… yes a crooked chair that this employee is using eight hours a day. The employee must feel good at work. It is also good to mention manufacturing environments, because it is not an excuse for disorganization or dust which, actually people do not accept even in their own house.


The people must feel good at work, beyond safe. I have lost count of the number of people who left their jobs because they were feeling vulnerable to assaults or unpleasant situations at public service.


4 – Goals and Challenges

When developing goals, do not forget that they must be tangible or possible. To a goal become challenge, it is important to do not create them so easy. The human being is powered by the overcoming need. This way the humanity advanced technologically and still will go infinitely.


For the goals be motivated in the corporate environment, it is fundamental that the employees feel themselves challenge by them, and consequently recognized through it.

Give special attention for the recognize question, because as was said before on the topic remuneration it is also important that recognition goes through compliments, slaps on the back and so on.


Even though must people do not believe in this practice, it is a fact that public recognition still important to many people.


5 – Life Quality

Beyond foot massage and a billiard table at recreational area, life quality in truth is related to the fact that the person needs to have a personal life and moments out of the professional activity. Therefore, they can get away from the problems, and return after with a clear mind ready to solve them.


The motivation is in be able to conciliate personal life with professional activities without injuries in both aspects.


The company can decides to facilitate this situation or not. If the person cannot go on vacation without receive a call, considerate that something must be revised at management. It is not just about the quality life of the employee, but if the company cannot stay a month without someone, it means that probably, the company is hostage by this employee. Highlighting, this situation is not good for any company.


Another interesting example is, if the company has to realize actions to reduce the stress of the employee, it is also good to evaluate what is behind this tension. Perhaps would be more interesting, when it is possible, to eliminate the stress factor once and for all instead of invest in initiatives to try to hide the problem.


Finally, I would like to be clear that to implement recreation areas or strong remuneration systems still important nowadays, if it is a part of the corporative context. This type of investment is a lot valuable when it is a part of an elaborated plan related to culture, cooperative strategy profile, and when it is not an isolated action completely divergent.

To invest in motivation is a guaranteed return when it is a strategic developed. Think about it!

Adapted text.  – Author: Flávia Garbo


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