Plano de Ação 5W2H: Uma ferramenta fundamental no dia a dia do Gestor.

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at Tuesday February 24th, 2015.

The 5W2H action plan template is undoubtedly the most widely used by managers and the most widespread in academic circles. The tool is used in the planning and monitoring of a particular task or solution.


The name of this model was defined by joining the first letters of the names (in English) of the guidelines used in this process. Below you can see each of them and what they represent.

What (What) What is the planned action? What measures will be taken?

Why (Why) Because this action is required? Why was defined this action? What is the expected result?

Where (where) Where the action is developed? What is the scope of action?

When (When) When this action will be implemented? Set the deadline for the implementation of this action.

Who (Who) Who is responsible for the conduct of this action? Only one person can be responsible for the same action.

How (How) How to implement this action? What are the steps to be taken?

How Much (The) How much will be spent? What is the investment required? What is the time it takes to perform this action?

An action plan can be implemented in any sector of the company and to solve many more problems.

Before the action plan creation, it is important to be clear who is responsible for monitoring the plan to set.

For preparation of the action plan, the guardian must involve the whole team that has relation with the problem you want to solve and make a brainstorm section (model where all involved give suggestions and ideas) noting all ideas on the board.

Following on the action plan should be completed answering the 7 questions for each defined action. It is important that the person responsible for each action is present at the meeting and agree to this condition, so there is no doubt in the future.

As important as the correct completion of the action plan is the follow-up actions as the dates set by the team. This is a task manager to be very disciplined to monitor regularly the actions are being performed on time and to a satisfactory standard.

One suggestion to facilitate the monitoring is to list all the actions in a spreadsheet, and in the end the manager can add a Status column, where you will filling according to the situation of each task as completed, delayed, rescheduled, in progress, etc. .


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