An expanding role for Human Resources

Posted by Bill Danahy
at Wednesday October 5th, 2016.

Many HR directors find it difficult to demonstrate value, and were not exposed to the knowledge base and technical tools that promote their prominence and contributions within the company. More often seen as a cost center and management burden, the department becomes a target for cuts particularly in these economic down cycles.


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The HR team is responsible for preparing the team to reach the organization’s goals

The Directors of Human Resources in many organizations have difficulties in raising the role of administrative Meritocracy to its proper role as a strategic business partner, who runs high-value results of the company, contributing to profits.

Studies are clear to validate that talent development programs reap increased shareholder return of about 30%. Simply increase the commitment of employees can contribute up to 3 percentage points in operating margin. Evidence of ROI (return on investment) is clear and documented in decades of studies.

The Mereo brings a deep knowledge of the Meritocracy model for improving business performance. His powerful processes and knowledge can flexibly develop a kit of clear and sustainable tools to address the most important business strategies with organizational alignment at all levels of departments to teams and individuals.


In many companies the Human Talent is one of the most important categories of expenditure, but investment resource or time and focus to release that talent with the goals of the company’s high return is often overshadowed. The ability of the Director of Human Resources to articulate the value and benefits of a culture based on meritocracy is often lost in bureaucracy and complacency.

The HR Director may impose to go against your challenge. Human Capital directs moral results. A clear articulation of the most important goals of the company is channeled to the HR Director. The articulation of these goals and KPIs clear linking departments, teams, business partners and each individual generates results.

Benchmarks and monitoring performance to ensure results can be quantified, monitored and adapted from the presidency and through every level of the company. A dynamic review system employees can enhance performance and create customized talent development focused on business success both for short and long term.

A flexible system of rewards, including variable compensation programs, sharing success while aligning cautiously compensation in a dynamic, competitive and changing environment. The Mereo consultants team brings the knowledge, processes and technical tools to support the HR Director in the elevation of their role in contributing to the success strategies most critical to the company. Contact us to find out more about our projects!


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