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at Monday May 2nd, 2016.

We get along with a huge amount of routine procedures at the companies, but rarely we stop to analyze the efficiency of workflows that can be related to the purchase of tickets or hiring employees, for example.

Known as workflows, this type of process often ends up being overlooked in companies, which leads to the loss of essential information and unnecessary expenses.

The Workflow Management concept can be described as a process to validate tasks which will be held between the different actors of a process, with deadlines to respect and with validation indicators. In addition, it provides each participant, the information needed to perform a specific task to guarantee that the correct data is collected through padding fields.

It is possible to save resources and avoid unnecessary expenses – the bottlenecks – by managing the enormous amount of processes. Data collection allows the historical informations of the proceedings become available, facilitating decision-making of upcoming actions.


Controlling complex processes in spreadsheets generates loss of crucial business information

In order to those processes “flow”  in the organization, the workflow management software comes into play. Initially the managers of each area will define the activities that will make up the workflow: its stages, deadlines and leaders, then the flow will run in these interfaces according to the established rules.

Mereo works on improving business performance through alignment between the processes of everyday life into strategic objectives.  Accourding to Athila Machado, Mereo’s partner , “ Our team operates in two dimensions: 1) definition and design of the entire flow of the processes – and,  2) computerization of the processes, through the new module Workflows Management, which operates according to the activities of each company.”

Some examples of procedures that works on the Workflow Management Module:

  • Jobs requests process;

  • Shutdown process;

  • Shopping authorization process;

  • Service requests process;

  • Staff adjustments process;

  • Anomalies report process;

  • Approval of commercial applications process;

And what are the main benefits?

Athila points out that in addition to saving resources, we save time incredibly. “Today companies always seek to produce more with fewer resources to survive amid competitiveness and managing each process as simple as ‘ it seems to be’ becomes essential.”

Here we highlight other benefits to investing in our workflow management platform:

  • Increased visibility of the expenses involved in parallel processes;

  • Time control with greater flexibility in the receipt and execution of tasks;

  • Less dependence on people in the processes;

  • Cleverness by generating indicators for management ensures better monitoring of ongoing projects, with estimated costs, time and deadlines;

  • Cost reduction: process optimization increases productivity and reduces losses;

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Although the process of generating workflow flows be run manually, it is in the digital context that the magic happens, thus more than a departmental integration tool a workflow management software ensures that each task is performed by the appropriate person and right moment.

Mereo has just launched The Workflow Management – the new module is part Mereo’s  Integrated Platform and is designed to facilitate the management of the daily flows within the organization. If you want to know more about this module and schedule a demo please contact us, we will gladly answer your questions.

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