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at Wednesday March 30th, 2016.

Does your company has a good talent recruitment strategy? All the time we hear about different star retention metrics for those people that motivate the whole team and “make things happen”, but little is discussed about the hiring process. And one thing is sure: a lot can go wrong if the wrong person is hired.

Startup Stock PhotosHiring talents is a slow process and it requires a lot of dedication not only from the company’s HR team but from the manager, likewise, offering salary and benefits is no longer sufficient to retain these talents. A survey of the Administration Institute Foundation from USP (FIA), which heard about 200 young people born between 1980 and 1993 found that 99% of them only remain involved in activities they like and 96% believe that the objective is theirs self-realization.

To track this high level of demand and to offer the ideal environment for innovation, recruitment practices are getting modernized, today they seek to better know the person behind the role: what are their life projects, their dreams and how they see the world around them.

This Heineken’s video shows with good mood the way that the company has found to escape from “clichés” and recruit talent for your team

We separated some tips that can boost talent hiring process for your team:

  • Always pay attention to the people: Although not in a position to hire someone now keep in mind the qualifications of certain areas, which are the most valued features in your team, as spirit of leadership and creativity;
  • Use your network. If people are looking for high-level contact your network will surely be a valuable weapon at the time of attraction. Worth asking for help on Linkedin, Facebook and to dig information in the company.

And other to retain the talents on your team:

  • Offer space for innovation: The talent walks by himself, all he needs are the tools and the right impulses, if you are willing to invest also be prepared to be confronted; 
  • Acknowledge the effort: Within the concept of meritocracy we have the performance identification steps, recognition and reward, which can occur in various ways, such as variable remuneration for example.

Also, in a survey conducted by Careerealism site with more than 1 million people, 76% of respondents reported that they would like to know more about their recruiter and reveals that the true differentiator to gain the attention of the candidates are their recruiters – how strong is your reputation among the candidates the easiest will be for them to recruit the best talent for their team.

And here’s why

Talents connect with the people and not the companies themselves. A characteristic that differentiates the talents of the crowd is the fact that they want to work with recruiters and not for them, want to hear your projects and feel free to suggest changes and propose new strategies. So, already made a reflection on what has been done to bring to your team passionate and engaged people?

We from Mereo value meritocracy in our processes, our consulting team have been helping companies to better remunerate their employees and generate engagement on the team. Contact us Contact us!

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