Hints and tips to create a talent retention strategy.

Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Friday May 24th, 2013.

According to Bruce E. Roselle, PhD LP, there are two thoughts to contribute, which mirror what others have said, for the most part. First, the top motivators that help retain employees (based on Bruce E. research and that of others over the past 10+ years) are these, not in priority order:

Have a say in decisions, my ideas are used

Do work that is meaningful to me and the organization

Develop friendships with coworkers

Can learn, build new skills, and/or advance

Have a manager who relates to me, appreciates my work

Have balance between my work and private life

Make clear progress toward my tasks and goals at work

Are paid competitively

If you build an environment in which most or all of these boxes are checked in most employees’ minds, you will maximize retention. Second, you can provide career development sessions that help employees look at their Style, Strengths, and Satisfiers to help them find their optimal fit within the organization. I would be happy to share some further perspective with you on either of these.

In addition and complimenting. While compensation and benefits is a key factor for attracting and retaining talent other factors are now viewed as being equally if not more important, these I have put under 2 themes:

Succession and career path management

– Develop a robust succession planning process for the relevant number of tiers within your organisation

– Visibility of potential career paths – What is the art of the possible

– Robust career development plans. Sincere discussions and plans that will help employees grow and develop, working towards them achieving their aspirations.

Talent and Leadership Development

– Mentoring from leadership

– Meaningful work – Work that is both challenging and that they feel they adding value to the growth and development of the company / corp

      • oration.
        – Leadership programs designed to develop the leaders of the future and those on these programs are aware of how they are viewed

    Finally, there are several techniques that can assist in identifying talent and to retain such as 9’s in-box. Whatever your chosen strategy always keep in mind the participation of experts who have mastered this subject.

    Author: Ivan Feliciano Nascimnento

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