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“Within a few years, this equipment will become the norm, as the phone on the table or the pocket calculator – and the mini executive processor can not be larger than a telephone set today.”

By this phrase, Peter Drucker predicted in 1980 what would be realized over the past 30 years – computer assention as a working tool. He was referring to the computer world of digital technology that was no longer related to academic use and passed to enter the business world, bringing agility and assertiveness in the decision-making processes.

The pillars of modern management that Drucker created throughout his journey, demanded greater flexibility in data processing. For him, knowledge and management would become the largest corporate weapons of the XXI century.

We invited Marcelo Sepeda, a Mereo consultant for a brief chat about the technology as a business tool, he tells us his opinion about how management tools have improved the performance of managers in medium and large companies.

Marcelo Sepeda - Consultor Mereo

Marcelo Sepeda

“It is true that technology was not born to meet the demands of business management, however, the huge capacity to store and process data and information and to make them available instantly to any part of the globe, made emerge an everlasting covenant between these two areas”.

“The technology is here to improve the performance of converting information into knowledge.”

And how the management software gaining ground in this scenario?

The enterprise management software only emerged due to demands that the business world has communicated. Among the applications and systems, these softwares gain a major highlight, as it brings to the manager’s screen in real time all the information that it is necessary to manage targets, carried out, deviations, graphics, action plans, everything at the manager’s reach and in a few clicks.”

When talking about the options available in the market, to Marcelo, “Today you can find a myriad of applications, storage systems, softwares and security systems. However, only providing the information to the manager is not enough. It is necessary that this information is accompanied by a background that helps to turn all this information into knowledge that adds value. “

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“Companies equipped with information would be ordinary companies. But companies with knowledge: the extraction of information value, would be prepared to walk safely in an increasingly competitive and less compassionate scenario” he concludes.

It was in this scenario that emerged Mereo and Mereo Integrated Management Platform that enables the execution of management processes anywhere and anytime. Currently present in over 20 countries, its intuitive interface offers greater ease in management and the understanding of organizational processes.

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Peter Drucker – Fonte:

Peter Drucker is considered by many the father of modern management, with over 30 books published Drucker, studied the effects of globalization on the economy and organizations. Among its main points, one of the most surprising is the prediction that social mobility will increase, from access to formal education.

With a modern mind, Drucker argued in the 1940s that even today is still a taboo in many businesses: self-management of labor. Hailed by Business Week as “the man who invented management,” Drucker directly influenced a large number of leaders such as Bill Gates and Jack Welch in their decision-making processes.

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