Tips to optimize your time during working hours

Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Wednesday December 17th, 2014.

An increasing number of people spending more time at work, but has the distinct feeling that your day did not yield as much as it should. If this is your case, it might be time to review their habits in the workplace. Being more productive does not mean having to work longer hours, but better use the time you have available. Check out tips to optimize your time in the company:

Make a clean at your table
Delete all unnecessary stuff in your workstation can improve – a lot – your productivity. Instead of organizing your files and documents in cells with a logic that only you understand, create a system to keep only what you need for running activities and discard or save all the papers you no longer use.

Be realistic when making a to-do list
There are people who need to list everything you need to do each day. This is really a great strategy to not forget anything and not “waste time” trying to remember what needs to be delivered on time. The problem is when the task list is so extensive that it is humanly impossible to be completed during office hours. Therefore, to optimize your time, be realistic when planning what should be done in the day. Start list for more important tasks and there only place which is possible to be completed in the given work period.

Avoid distractions
Disable mobile notifications, close social networks, forget the news sites or establishing fixed times to use them. While running an important task, eliminate all possible distractions and focus only on what is doing at that moment.

Do not put off tasks that can be performed quickly
Leave after what can be done on time – even something that seems unimportant – is one of the biggest wastes of time at work. If you can schedule a meeting or reply to an e-mail in less than two minutes, perform the task immediately. When you leave to answer an email days after he arrived, for example, has just wasting precious time looking for the message in the inbox and seeking remember what it is. Save this golden rule: it is a task that lasts less than two minutes to complete? Write immediately. The technique is known and adopted mundiamente as “two minute rule”. Try!

Take time in your day to devote to strategic issues
When you spend your working day putting out fires that arise all the time, just wasting time or making your day job no income. If instead of thinking about strategies to expand your business you spend hours solving issues like buying ink for your printer, something is wrong. To optimize your time and take care of what really matters, take an hour of your day to devote only strategic priorities.

Plan your meeting
Define objectives and issues to be discussed before scheduling a meeting is a way to optimize your time at work. It is also important to share the agenda with all participants not to waste time explaining what it is about the meeting during the meeting. Set three priority topics and avoid leaving these issues. With this change of habit you save not only your time, but of the whole team.

With a few changes your routine will be much more productive. Get it now!

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