Training 5S Magnesita.

Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Monday January 26th, 2015.

We conducted the second 5S training session for employees of Magnesita.

The Mereo developed since September 2014 the improvement project of manufacturing excellence where the 5S program is one of the pillars.

Thiago Altoé consultant conducted the training with support from Maira Muzzi consultant.

5S is common sense that can be taught, perfected, practiced for human and professional growth. It should become habit, custom, culture. The purposes of the 5S methodology is to improve efficiency through proper disposal of materials (separate what is necessary from unnecessary), organization, cleaning and identification of materials and spaces and the maintenance and improvement of 5S own.


»Seiri: use of Sense. Refers to the practice of checking all the tools, materials, etc. on the desktop and keep only the essentials for the work being performed. Everything else is stored or discarded. This process leads to a reduction of barriers to labor productivity.

»Seiton: sort Sense. Focuses on the need for an organized space. The organization, in this sense, refers to the provision of tools and equipment in an order that allows the workflow. Tools and equipment should be left in places where they will be used later. The process should be done in order to eliminate unnecessary movements.

»SEISO: Cleaning Sense. Means the need to maintain as clean as possible the work space. Cleaning in Japanese companies is a daily activity. At the end of each working day, the environment is clean and everything is put back in place, making it easy to know what goes where, and to know what is what is essential. The focus of this procedure is to remember that cleaning should be part of daily work, and not just a casual activity when subjects are very untidy.

»Seiketsu: Standardization Sense. Create standards and systematic that they must meet. Everything must be properly documented. Visual management is critical for easy understanding of each standard.

»Shitsuke: Sense of self-discipline or habit, custom. Refers to the maintenance and revision of standards. Since the previous 4 Ss were estabelecidods, become a new way of working, not permitino a return to old practices. However, when a new improvement or a new tool or a decision to implement new practices, it may be advisable to review the previous four principles.

The Consultant Thiago Altoé taught the 5s training for employees of Magnesita.

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