What is crucial in a performance evaluation?.

Posted by Driely Barbosa
at Friday October 10th, 2014.

It is perfectly understandable that when confronted with the term “performance assessment” people feel uncomfortable. Because it will have evaluated their technical and behavioral skills, to know whether these are or are not meeting the expectations of the organization. On the other hand, when properly conducted, the process is an opportunity for growth both for employees and for the company after all performance assessment enables the identification of gaps that need to be filled, and allows the company to identify the strengths and those that need to be worked out in each of their professionals.

Check out below some relevant points that contribute to the success of a performance evaluation.
1 – There are different methodologies for performance evaluation. It is interesting that before adopting any specific methodology, the Human Resources department do an analysis of what actually adapts to the reality and needs of the company. Of no use to deploy an assessment that requires very costly support, if it can not be maintained. Case studies can help in choosing the most appropriate methodology.

2 – clear definition of the objectives to be achieved in the performance evaluation. Just measure not only if the employee “A” or “B” is good or not. You need to know after the results obtained, which the company intends to do with them. What are the strategies that can be adopted for certain development needs or improvement of skills, for example. I emphasize here the importance of applying a management tool and then “shelve it” leads people to give vote of discredit to what is done by the organization.

3 – Clear communication throughout the process of implementation and achievement of performance evaluation. No system will give results if there are doubts hovering in the air. Ie, communication must reach all levels, using the appropriate language for each audience.

4 – Preparation of managers conducting the review, so that those who understand the performance review is a way for your team to present better results, allowing the company to make certain investments in accordance with the needs of industries and talents that experience the reality of the company.

5 – correct understanding about the essence of feedback both for those applying it, as for the recipient. It is noteworthy that feedback should not be a “privilege” of followers, but an appeal which will also be part of the reality of leadership when that undergo an evaluation process.

6 – Work of awareness that the process is not a “Witch Hunt”, but an opportunity to identify gaps that need to be filled and, consequently, identification of strengths and those that need to be worked.

7 – Explain the professionals that performance evaluation is an opportunity for growth because once held the process can develop a plan for individual development aimed at improving technical and behavioral skills.

8 – Emphasize that the performance evaluation is a feature that lets the employee know what the company expects of him. This, in turn, will make the employee do not get caught “short pants” in a future shutdown and get the question all the time: “Where did I go wrong.”

9 – Give openness to professionals evaluated so that they are heard during the course of the process. If an employee finds it difficult to perform an activity or even shows a drop in performance, it is essential to hear him, listen to the “other side of the coin.” Otherwise, the evaluation will not add any value, neither the company nor the employee to feel just a “dead end”.

10 – The Human Resources should always be aware of the phases of the performance evaluation, since it will be her who will support leaders and led for the process to be successful and not have his “tarnished image” with the internal public.


By Patrícia Bispo

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