Mereo: A Culture of Success by Bill Danahy

Posted by Bill Danahy
at Monday May 8th, 2017.

To celebrate 5th birthday of Mereo,  we invited our international business consultant, Bill Danahy, to write a small piece about his experience with the brazilian company. In this great article, Danahy brings back some of his memories with the co-founders and takes a deep dive into the flaws of companies worldwide. Ready?


Mereo: a culture of success

Mereo articulated one of the key management flaws of companies worldwide. Most board members, executives, and senior managers have a clear knowledge of where their company needs to go. But some 60% fail in the execution of strategies that achieve or exceed their most important goals.

Mereo created a solution. Mereo built a broad software suite supported by related consulting. With these services Mereo drives results in large and mid-sized firms, in multiple languages and even diverse cultural environments. I have been gifted to watch as the founders practiced what they taught, and grew Mereo painlessly (on most days) to success both nationally and internationally during the past five years.


Mereo created a broad toolkit that accesses a usually disconnected  array of internal systems, programs, spreadsheets and other sources of core data.  Mereo extracts only those unique data points that relate to or define, measure, track and control progress and results.  Mereo has cut through the complexity, and focused the methodologies and tools that unleash the power of each team members in an organization. Limited company time and resources – particularly in these lean times – are better focused on what matters most during management cycles.  

Investment in personnel is perhaps any organisation`s greatest asset, and yet few tools have been available that significantly align, motivate and manage human talent to achieve the most critical results of the firm. Although productivity and lack of competitiveness is a widely recognized deficiency in Brazil, there are few tools that significantly offer solutions.

Internationally, productivity and disruptive tools that improve efficiency are the holy grail of sound management. The philosophies and tools may vary from country to country, but the underlying objectives are the same – improve performance, profits and shareholder value through efficiency and focus on achieving results.  Mereo`s system can be flexibly applied across borders. sectors and company size. The executive and each level of management can visualize both results and bottlenecks, and is empowered to act immediately with remedial resolution and reinforcement of positive actions.

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Much of my experience – primarily in the USA – has contributed to the strategic, financial and senior management success of companies that have grown quickly from start-up to planned national leadership and maturity.  But whether growing or shrinking, the challenges of change can be easy or painful as people, processes and resources shift, sometimes rapidly, with changing organizational goals and focus.  Knowing when changes will be needed – neither too soon nor too late – can take away much of the organizational pain and cost, and make change easy, fun and rewarding.  Mereo understands change and timing and knows what elements affect the shifts.

In the USA, the only area of management software that has recently received billions of dollars of investment is that which focuses on seamless financial and operational data. Progress is measured on increased shareholder value and performance results.  Data needs  to flow to information from the new prospect contact though the full and continuing life of a growing and satisfied customer. This may validate the extent of the problem of execution and the importance of its resolution.  ERP systems are complex, take years to implement, and strive to become the brain center of mid and large firms.  Mereo delivers the same `end game` of using information to improve performance, but has cut through the complexity, cost and unnecessary organizational disruption.  

Mereo pulls and monitors only elements that are critical in driving the most important results Mereo contributes to creating those results sustainably, building a culture of success within changing both goals short and long term.


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