Mereo Management Consulting

Transforming strategy into results through innovative methodologies of management

Interconnection of parts directed to the same purpose to form a management system

Understand management as a system.

Every system, by definition, comprises a set of interconnected pieces aimed to the same purpose. Management is also a system, with the purpose of delivering results. Our job is to assist the client to understand which parts of this system are not performing its role properly and fix them.

Consultants identify existing opportunities to mobilize the team in search of results

Quick answers, quick results

The analytical ability of our consultants and our platform is the key piece of our model, and one of our differentials. We quickly identify opportunities and engage the entire team to transform these opportunities into results.

Identification of the right people and skills for the proper functioning of the system

Right people in the right places

We understand also that people are an essential part of the Management System. Our consolidated model allows you to identify which people and skills are the perfect fit for the proper functioning of the system. Without this premise, there are no sustainable results.

Integrated, analytical and complete processes

Holistic perspective

Mereo management model covers the entire organization guaranteeing results are achieved and sustained. We work every process in an integrated, analytical and comprehensive way. Check out the components of this model:

Integrated, analytical and complete processes

Process and Operational Management

  • (Re)Design of processes and their underlying organizational structure
  • Process structuring
  • Value chain diagnostics
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Daily Work Routine Management
  • 5S Implementation
  • Standardization
Integrated, analytical and complete processes

Financial Management

  • Budget Planning
  • Costs Reduction and optimization
  • Revenue Increase and optimization
  • Maximization of the cash flow generation
Integrated, analytical and complete processes

People Management

  • Strategic Compensation
  • Talent Management

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