Quick Meeting

Record meetings and daily actions dynamically and have precise control of the routine of everyday life.

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Print of the Quick Meeting module showing how to manage meetings more effectively

Manage your meetings more efficiently

Designed to assist you in meeting management and daily tasks. Get better control of the daily routine.

  • Manage the full schedule of your organizational meetings with Mereo's platform.
  • Receive and send meeting minutes automatically to all participants, right after the end of the meeting.
  • Make the integration among others email and scheduling services, such as: Outlook and Google Agenda.
Print of the Quick Meeting module showing the follow-up and control of meeting tasks

Track and control tasks from your meetings

During several daily meetings, important tasks are lost or forgotten and end up not being executed.

  • Register in a dynamic and quick way all the tasks arising from a meeting.
  • Manage reminders of important tasks to be executed
  • Create individual or group “to do” lists with the team.
Print of the Quick Meeting module showing organization routine management to reduce complexity

Reduce the complexity of your routine management

Over time, the organizational routine management can become very complex. This dynamic environment turns the decision-making and guidance easier for the managers. Working continuously, placing the management in motion.

  • Visualize the summary of pending activities of your organization
  • Manage the execution of meetings workflow and simplify the follow up tasks.

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