Talent Management

Have access to the full toolkit required to explore the full potential of employees.

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Right people in the right places

Identify talents of your company based on their performance and skills.

  • Perform Self-Assessment, Evaluation 90 °, 180 °, 270 °, 360 °, 540 ° and committee.
  • Side by Side comparisons between employees based on their skills
  • Use Talent Grid to visualize the position of employees according to their performance and competences, and move them according to the organizational strategy.

Develop your team

Identify the necessary development and act in a quick, simple and efficient way.

  • Structure and follow the Individual Development Plan (IDP) according to the each employee competence gaps
  • Align skills with the organizational strategies.

Prepare the leaders of tomorrow

Identify potential successors for key leadership positions and manage the preparation of your executives.

  • Use the Performance and Potential Grid to plan the succession and development of employees.

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