Variable Compensation.

Manage the process of calculation and payment of variable compensation ensuring transparency, reliability and agility.

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Print of the Variable Compensation module showing the variable compensation program tailored

Tailor-made Variable Compensation calculation

Each organization has its own characteristics of compensation rules for performance. This process is labor intensive, error-prone and unclear to involved stackholders.

  • Flexible set-up. Affordable and quick customization (if any).
  • Company-wide transparency of the program and rules.
  • Fast calculation and disclosure of the amounts to be paid.
Print of the Variable Compensation module showing how to motivate employees according to company rules

Motivate your employees

Calculate in an efficient way the correct amount of variable compensation according to the company rules, turning the entire process fast, practical and transparent to all managers and employees involved.

  • Generate reports with calculation memory to the final user, as well as payment statistics for the system administrator.
  • At the end, employees will have a very clear and analytical statement of their variable compensation, allowing the required transparency to the process. Such transparency also ensures compliance to requirements or standards such Sarbanes Oxley, IFRS and GAAP.
Print of the Variable Compensation module showing process automation

Automate your process

Create variable compensation payment rules for specific groups of employees, create mechanisms of deduction or bonus and generate reports with all the calculation memory for each employee eligible for the program.

  • Have a payment simulation in different scenarios.
  • Create compensation curves with scales of easy setup.
  • Create payment criteria for specific groups of employees.
  • Set weight bonus for each created group.
  • Have the right calculation; even it needs to take into consideration working months and areas/positions changes.

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