Workflow management

Centralize information, streamline processes and reduce costs.

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Print of the Quick Meeting module showing the automation of day-to-day processes in a controlled and secure way

Simplify: independent and more productive processes

Automate day-to-day processes with control and security

  • Gain productivity with the definition of deadlines and responsible individuals.
  • View the information in real time.
  • Quickly automate any business process.

Customize your workflow

  • Create forms and establish automation rules for each purpose.

Your company will get gains in productivity with integrated and automated processes. For each process a parameter defined according to the need.

Print of the Quick Meeting module showing the process register for execution and management of daily flows

Register processes to manage their daily flows, in a parameterized way according to the characteristics of each company

  • Changes in the functional staff.
  • Request for staff.
  • Travel forms.
  • Materials requisition.
  • Approval of commercial applications.

Centralize different processes information on a web platform

Ensure greater control and productivity of your processes.

Print of the Quick Meeting module showing the centralization of the information of distinct processes in a web platform
  • Integrate flows to define responsibilities to the members of your team: know when and what actions were taken.
  • Approve or deny requests.
  • Unify authorization procedures and parameterization.
  • Monitor the execution, performance and analysis of business processes.
  • Follow processes execution through indicators.
Print of the Quick Meeting module showing the centralization and integration of people and processes

Reduce costs and save time

Centralize and integrate people and processes.

  • Reduce costs through physical forms.
  • Reduce rework and save time by optimizing processes.
  • Avoid loss with more reliable processes.
  • Achieve deadlines with lean processes.
  • Ensure the integration of involved departments with processes automated management.

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